Bees in the garden… even a green one!

The busy body bees are in and around the garden collecting pollen from mostly sunflowers. I’ve got some other wildflowers in there too, but they don’t produce anywhere near the amount of pollen that these sunflowers do, or for that matter the quantity of flowers. In the breeze, they handily buzz about for a few seconds before deciding to hop on down and collect up some pollen. Then, they move on to another flower and repeat the process till they fill up and head home to the hive.

bee on sunflower 1.JPG
bee on sunflower 2.JPG
bee on sunflower 3.JPG
bee on sunflower 4.JPG
bee on sunflower 5.JPG

Seeing bees is a good sign, but seeing this one really caught my attention! This green metallic beauty sure is a sight for the eyes! I’ve never seen a bee of this coloring. From the varieties that have humbly crossed into my garden, this one is a new on me! It sure catches the eyes!

green bee.JPG

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