BAMONA identifies two more butterflies in my garden

Well, technically, only one of them was ID’d as I already knew the orange caterpillar was a Gulf Fritillary because it was munching on a passion vine, and that’s what they love to devour!

So BAMONA logs my sighting of the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) caterpillar:

Butterflies 001.jpg
Butterflies 004.jpg
Butterflies 007.jpg
Butterflies 008.jpg

BAMONA also logs the sighting of the butterfly which I was unable to ID: Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia) butterfly:

Butterflies 011.jpg
Butterflies 012.jpg

That’s another attractive butterfly. It’s patterning surely confused me though when trying to ID it. Thanks again to Butterflies and Moths of North America


And let me again take this opportunity to thank the butterflies for entering the garden. These little buggers help to pollinate the vegetables and fruits we have growing. Bees are under major attack by over-application of pesticides which led to what was called Colony Collapse Disorder. The damage to the agriculture industry worldwide has been significant due to their declining numbers. Let’s not forget though, that butterflies are another beneficial pollinator that comes into the garden and helps us with this necessary task! Remember that next time you see a caterpillar munching on your veggie plants.

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