BAMONA identifies two more butterflies in my garden

Well, technically, only one of them was ID’d as I already knew the orange caterpillar was a Gulf Fritillary because it was munching on a passion vine, and that’s what they love to devour!

So BAMONA logs my sighting of the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) caterpillar:

BAMONA also logs the sighting of the butterfly which […]

Large Milkweed Nymph sightings

I’ve been lucky to have another critter in the garden ID’d.

The pictures I took of the red and black bug which I couldn’t ID but vaguely looked like a Box Elder bug have been identified as a Large Milkweed Nymph. I’ve spotted several of these beasties rummaging around the garden. The smallest of them […]

Black Swallowtail (Papilio Polyxenes) Sighting Confirmed!

Yes, it has been confirmed to be a Black Swallowtail. It’s a really common butterfly, species-wise, but not one that I see very often myself. I think I generally see smaller moths that are half the size of typical butterflies. When I do see butterflies, they tend to be more drab in their coloring. But […]