Harlingen Farmer’s Market. Good Greens!

Since I was in Harlingen for New Years, I knew I had to go to their farmer’s market and see what was available for sale. I barely made it over there, and didn’t even get to finish as many vendors were packing up before I got to see their tables. Oh well, I’ll see ya next time. I chatted with a nice couple from Bayview that sold me a very nice bunch of peppery greens in a mesclun mix. I ate half of it that night for dinner, and wow is it peppery! Talk about flavor. I really need to get some of those growing at home before the “cool weather” is gone and we are back to hot days for the next 10 months.

Farmer's Market 01.jpg
Farmer's Market 02.jpg
Farmer's Market 03.jpg

I also bought a pumelo which turned out to be far too pulpy and not particularly juicy. One vendor had phalaenopsis orchids for $10, so I bought 2 of those to put in my room and start to clean up the air from all the electronics. It’ll take a while, but those orchids do a good job at improving air quality.

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